Thursday, October 18, 2007

me, the pisspot, and my friend kiki

Everytime I talk to my friend Kristen I am amazed by her level of understanding and the way she alway allows me to be myself. Today was one of those times. Until theis point I had known our common ground - shopping, fashion, baby stuff, God....but today she showed her true colors. I called her as i was 5 minutes from her house, she answered the door in her pj's - I love it! - and threw on something that she looked absolutely adorable in; and didn't even realize how adorable she looked! She listened to me piss and moan for hours on end, walked around target with me while i was on a caffeine high - talking 90 miles an hour, and pulled me through a killer red ant attack! She always makes me laugh even on days like this - when for the millioneth time i started my period - and although it hurt like hell - she actually made me forget that it had started! She makes me laugh at my own idiocincricies, and at hers :) ! She is truly a gift from God - and not just because she manages my favorite store on earth. Thank you God for blessing my life with this true friend....I am one lucky girl! :)

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  1. Brooke, I adore you and I'll take whatever mood you are in. I have a blast no matter what we are doing and am glad to call you my friend!!! Thank you for being so good to me, and accepting me as I am. LTY (Love To You)