Saturday, April 16, 2011

saturday morning

Awakened by the sleepy soft mumblings of our 2 ½ year old, Finley, emanating from the baby monitor. I know – I am still using the baby monitor. But, walk with me for a minute here, this is my theory, until she can get up and walk to my bed to get me, then I need the monitor to hear her call. Why, you are asking, at 2 ½ can she not get up and walk to my bed? *sigh* She’s still in a crib. I know, I know. I have a theory on that one too, but that’s for another time, and a longer walk.
Okay, so back to Saturday morning. Sweet mumblings, pre-dawn light barely peeking thru the windows. My brain immediately goes into damage control mode – how can I stay snuggled under these covers the longest?
Step 1: Thinking that the mumbles sound somewhat like “I cold” I send Charles up to give her another blanket ...and, more importantly…. to convince her it’s still nighttime. Admittedly, this trick seems to work better when it is actually still dark outside. I cross my fingers, close my eyes and snuggle deeper under my cozy down comforter. My trip back to dreamland is suddenly interrupted by that sweet little voice, “but it not nite,nite time daddy-o.” hmmmm, guess there is no fooling this one.
Step 2: So let me just say I was against the whole TV in the bedroom thing from the very beginning, but it has since become a very integral part of my “sleep as long as possible” plan. Put on a great movie, snuggle up close with my baby and doze as she sits back like a sweet little angel and enjoys a 2 hour movie, magically ignoring her thirst, hunger and soaking wet diaper. (Hey, a girl can dream!) As Charles deposits a squirmy, smiley little bundle in the middle of the bed, I squint – sans glasses - attempting to see the list of recorded movies on our DVR, finally settling on Enchanted. The opening credits start to roll and as the Disney castle appears I hear the footsteps of our 7 year old Robyn on the stairway. She sleepily stumbles into our bedroom, her eyelids barely open, wrapped in her favorite blue blanket and that sweet sleepy smell of children. She snuggles in beside Finley, and we pull the covers up over all 4 of us making a cozy momma and daddy-o sandwich. A smile grows in my heart and spreads to my face…..*sigh* ab-so-lute perfec- “I hungry!” demands Finley. “I don’t want this movie….” whines Robyn. And so the day begins……

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  1. Brooke, I remember when Dave was working at the Credit Union and left soo early and Lexi would get up real early, too! She would come in my room and put the remote control on top of me and stand there and wait til I turned on Disney Channel!! I did get a few more minutes of sleeping!! I totally get it!! Love you and love your blog!! Aunt Lori