Friday, July 29, 2011

the lonely blogger's block

I just have nothing for you this week. Nada. Zilch. Zero. Nil. Ziperonni. 

I have decided to turn it around on you.......

Respond back to this blog with what you want to hear about......or maybe what you for sure don’t want to hear about. 

Looking forward to hearing from you guys out there....... 


  1. Hey now I was expecting to read this nice log blog about how you have been the last week or so and Nada lol.

  2. Josh said he wants you to write about pickles. He's weird.

  3. I was reading your blog and discovered your sisters blog which lead me to AHolyExperience blog which is fast becoming one of my favorite reads (after yours). But a blog isn't about us, it's about YOU, that precious and awesome "babbling" Brooke! If you don't feel like writing, that's ok. and if you do, that's ok too. It's your conversation with life, with God, and we're just flies on the wall listening in, and being humbled and blessed just to know you. But above all, remember, Jesus, at His baptism, was told by the Father "this is my Beloved Son in who I'm well pleased"...and Jesus hadn't done a SINGLE MIRACLE up to that point in time. So whether you write or not, we love you, and if you have a conversation with life or God that we can listen in on, wonderful! - Carl N.

  4. Jeannine Nelson
    So I was in the mall the other day, sitting in the food court, splurging on a slice of pizza, looking around me and people watching ( a very favorite thing of mine to do)when I looked to my left and spotted two girls having lunch. The truth of the matter is, only one girl was eating, the other was watching and talking. Upon closer inspection, I realized I knew who they were....Brooke and Melody. Now, do I go over and interrupt them, or do I just go on my way. Such a big dilemna, but if you are an introvert, you understand where I'm coming from. My sense of privacy was pretty much yelling at me to just walk away, but I heard that quiet, still voice in me say, "go for it", so I did. And I'm glad I did because I was so blessed by being privileged to peek into a special relationship between two close friends enjoying their time together. It didn't seem to matter that they were sitting in the food court, or that there was hustle and bustle around them. They were sharing their lives one girl friend to another. Thanks girls, for being a blessing!

  5. I love hearing your perspective on things! I agree entirely with Carl, this blog is about you, and your take on things, so write when and what you feel moved to and we'll be here to listen

  6. love hearing your perspective on things! I agree entirely with Carl, this blog is about you, and your take on things, so write when and what you feel moved to and we'll be here to listen
    - Jackie

  7. Herx

    The Garage Sale


  8. Question from one infertile, extremely blessed adoptive mother of two, medical conundrum to another: Most days my faith in God, my loving husband, and my fantastic daughters get me through the dark times. But somedays I falter, and God seems to be busy with others, and my hubby is busy with keeping our household functioning and supplied with enough money to (sometimes) have our heads above water, and my daughters are grumpy - and I am just in a grey passage - it's not light, it's not dark it's just grey and I can't for the life of me see where the next step is going to go, or how it will even be possible to lift my foot one more time to take that step ....

    and then I discover God isn't as preoccupied as He seems and that he has sent me a message that I find as I am stumbling around - and today I found you. You go girl! You are in my dark hallway today - and I understand. One day may find us both in there at the same time. But today I am standing in the light and calling to you and telling you that it's okay. Just sit and breathe and enjoy the very second you are in. Enjoy the way the air feels and the way the sounds drift in from the rest of your house, the beauty of whatever ordinary object might be in front of you - that normally you wouldn't give a second thought --
    It's okay to be just here and now and doing nothing.
    Just be still and know ....
    Carol T