Tuesday, April 17, 2012

blue skies smilin' at me

Don't pass out. Two posts in one week.......inconceivable! (A little nod to those fans of The Princess Bride)

I do actually have much to say. Since I last wrote that our insurance had quit covering anything Lyme, not much has changed on the surface. But underneath, much is afoot. Mom and Charles have been working nonstop trying to appeal the situation. Every step is arduous, time consuming and confusing. I am so thankful for all their hard work and determination. We have also found a pharmacy that worked with our insurance to get my lactatid ringers covered. Since this is an infusion I have to have everyday, it is a huge blessing.

The plan is 3 more rounds of IV therapy. My next round begins Monday, April 23rd and will last nine days. After that we will be going back up to DC to see Dr. Jemsek. From there we will determine how many weeks of "vacation" I get between each round.

Dr. Jemsek is looking for Blue Sky Days - terminology that I love. I actually had one this past Sunday and it felt amazing. The old Brooke was back in action. Still a little weak and achy, but wow, what a difference. It was really, really fun. Since then, it has been more gray and cloudy, but we are looking for that sun to peak around the corner again soon. The goal is several of these days in a row, then weeks, months, and so on. Ahhhhh! Just saying that brings me hope!

As a last note, check out this speech, Dr. Joe Jemsek "Speaks the Truth." It is pretty thought provoking.

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