Monday, October 10, 2011

the new PT

PT. In my old life that would’ve stood for Personal Training. Working harder than you think you can. Eat.Sleep.Breathe.Train. Building muscle. Burning Fat. I was hardcore. Train Hard or Go Home. I trained 5-6 days a week for 2 hours. I went into labor in a weight lifting class for heaven’s sake! I spent most of my mornings at the gym - and I loved every minute - well some minutes were easier to love than others - but I loved almost every minute of it. I lived in athletic wear, taught Robyn yoga at age three, and was getting ready to start on Finn.  

Eileen working my legs and my core
 PT. In my new reality it stands for Physical Therapy. A whole new world. Since my daily uniform is now pj’s, I had to dig my yoga pants and sports bras out of the garage. But I am determined. I know that this journey is going to be so much more difficult than the one I was on before. But I also know I can do it. This is an uphill climb, but I can get back to where I was, one day at a time, one step at a time, one drop of sweat at a time.

Working those biceps
Obviously, I accept the fact that I won’t be running up the step mill at full speed with 75 lbs. in a backpack while wearing stilettos and carrying a newborn baby, but I hope by next year I will be back to my old self. Maybe I’ll have to give myself two years, but I WILL get there. :o)

 I am lucky enough to do my PT at the same gym where I taught and trained. For 6 years I had been at Fitness Edge.  Although I can't do much, I still have the drive, the longing to be strong and agile, to take spinning classes, to run, to lift weights and take crazy hard classes. Being back only amped that feeling up even more.

Eileen, me and Myndi
My trainers are two of my close friends, Myndi and Eileen. Girls that I worked out with, they took my classes and I took theirs. They know me, they love me and they believe in me. That makes a big difference. They know just how far they can push me. It is a big wink from God that I get to do PT with them.

My first week I did a lot of things that I didn’t think I could do which was encouraging. For the most part they kept it pretty light, but I did manage 3 modified (albeit very, very shaky) push-ups. Yay! My second week they threw in a few exercises standing on one leg. I pulled them out ....... shaking and gripping white-fingered to the handle in front of me, with Myndi very close one one side, Eileen on the other.

Stretching - hurts so good
I did come home and sleep for three hours after both sessions. And I was sore, but not quite as bad as I thought I would be. The deal is though, being sore from working out is completely different than the Lyme induced pain I feel everyday. Being sore is actually pain that I enjoy. I crave it. I love it. It’s like no other pain in the world, and after two years, it is amazing to feel that pain again!!

My third session is in a few days. Keep an eye out for me........I’ll be back to spin class and weight lifting in no time!