Friday, May 13, 2011

dreams do come true

I find that my dreams these days consist of two of the things I really crave – I mean besides alone time while I pee and a closet full of designer clothes. Two of the things that I crave that are actually attainable – my sweet momma and food full of gluten – I’m talking yeast rolls with Stephen’s honey & cinnamon butter, Olive Garden’s breadsticks slathered in their delicious alfredo sauce, a huge New York style cheese pizza, a pbj on soft white bread, a warm piece of toast with melted butter swirled together with honey. Yummmmm. Cheese on buttery Town House crackers, a great big, fat smore with marshmallow dripping all over my fingers, Charles’ amazing chocolate chip cookies, a ginormous chocolate cake, monkey bread straight from the oven, a Cinnabon cinnamon roll oozing that divine mixture of cinnamon, sugar, butter and icing. Oh my, oh my. And don’t even get me started on pasta. Holy cow – I love pasta! I used to make the most amazing (if I do say so myself) spaghetti with kielbasa, oh and my friend Amanda makes this dish from New York called Chicken Riggies, and my momma’s chicken tetrazzini! Eating one of these amazing dishes, sitting across the table from my momma – this is what I dream about every night.
So, between Charles and the girls taking me to Travinia’s on Mother’s Day for my absolute favorite, gluten free Sausage and Peppers Rustica (delish!) and the fact that my mom and dad are right this second on their way to see me – I guess you could say, all my dreams are coming true!

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