Sunday, May 8, 2011

to my mommas - Carol and Debbie

My Mother's Day prayer is that I could somehow find a way to explain how grateful I am for all the years you put your needs on hold, to care for mine; all the months you sacrificed the things that brought you joy, to bring me joy; all the weeks you cried with me over my latest breakup when I am sure there were a million other things that were heavy on your heart; all the days you woke me up and got me off to school rather than getting to sleep in; all the hours you spent praying, not for blessings for yourself, but for me; all the diapers you changed, clothes you washed, meals you cooked, dishes you scrubbed, sleep you didn't get, tears you dried, silly stories you listened to, back talk you endured, for all of that and for so much more - I am forever grateful. I pray that I can be as amazing a mom to my girls as you were to us! I love you momma ♥

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