Friday, September 16, 2011

next time won't you sing with me

WARNING: the following should all be taken in jest. Jest, pure jest. Although I must interject that all the meds listed do enter my body on a daily basis. Yay for me!

Charles is determined to turn every problem into an opportunity. Lyme disease is a pretty difficult one to find the opportunity, but he did it!

So we are taking this opportunity of my Lyme disease and subsequent pill popping 75 pills a day to teach Finley her ABC’s in a very unique way.
one day's worth of pills

A is for Ativan and Acytal L-Carnitine
B is for B Complex Plus and B12 Sublingual
C is for Cytomel, Cortef, Cod Liver Oil, Cymbalta, CP1 and Clindamycin
D is for Deplin, Diphenhydramine and DHEA
E is for Epinephrine
F is for Flagyl and Ferritin
G is for Gamma Tocopherol and Groshong
H is for Heparin Lock Flush
I is for Iron liquid
J is for Jemsek
K is for Klonopin
L is for Lactated Ringers and Lamictal
M is for Mepron, Mobic, Magnesium Malate, Melatonin, Meriopenin and Methylcobal
N is for Neurontin, Nystatin, Nattokinase, and Nutrient 950
O is for Omeprazole
P is for Potassium and Promethazine
Q is for Qinghaosu
R is for Risperidone
S is for Septra, Synthroid, and Saccharomyces
T is for Trazadone
U is for Ubiquinol
V is for Vitamin C, Vitamin D
W is for wheelchair and walker
X is for xerostomia
Y is for *YUCK! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!*
Z is for Zithromax and Zofran

She is coming along nicely, especially as we feed her each pill as she learns the letter. The distinct taste really makes each letter stick with her. And she enjoys each pill so much, she is anxious to practice everyday. It is very much like the Pavlov’s dog experiment. Although we are having trouble with the letter “Y” because she originally thought “yuck” meant something bad.

We do have to stagger our practicing as she often passes out after just a few letters. But she is doing so well. We are so very proud of her. We are pretty sure we can make it through the entire alphabet before too much damage has been done to her brain.


  1. Oh how I wish I was there to feed you your spoonful of Cod Liver Oil, Mepron, get you your CP1's and SAX out of the fridge... more than anything just to sit next to you, cry with you, wash your hair, hold your hand, take a nap next to you, watch The Proposal, talk about life... I would give anything. I love you.


  2. Hi Lauri, a friend of a friend of yours contacted me tonight reaching out for some encouragement and help. She has been a blog reader of mine for several years and after reading part of your story, wrote me, hoping we could be in contact about Lyme's because I had it. And by "had" I mean, there are no traces of it in my body anymore, not even antigens. I found it while my son was dying in the hospital. He and I had the antigens but no antibodies. I won't go into a detailed email here b/c it's not appropriate and I'm not trying to tell you I have all the answers, anyway. I just wanted to reach out to you, though you seem to have a wonderful support team, and let you know that I am an ear and a resource to you if you want. I could talk Lyme's and Bb and spirochetes 'til the cows come home, I'm just that OCD about researching it and its effects on the human body. I am passionate about all things Lyme! My email is I could not find your email on your blog or I would have contacted you that way.

    No matter what, just know a lady in CO is praying for you and your family on this journey! I hate that you have Lyme's! I will be praying for your healing to come soon!

  3. That's a lot of! I knew it was a lot but a picture's worth a thousand words. Very, very funny about Findlay. I LOVE YOU!!!!