Thursday, September 22, 2011

sidewalk safety

Mr. Mack Truck meet Brooke Fox.

Let’s just all agree that the aforementioned meeting was precipitated by an unfortunate series of events that were somewhat unrelated, but seemed to collide at just the right moment in time.

I had to bundle up I was so cold
 Wednesday, began with a clear liquid diet and ended with serious bowel prep for the next day’s colonoscopy. During my prep, I sprinted (with  walker in hand mind you) to the bathroom about every ten minutes. All the while watching Survivor .... thank you electronic gurus for the pause button.

Back to the serious matter at hand, During the fun but intestinally challenging bowel prep, Charles got a phone call from his sister telling him his mom was in the hospital.


Thursday, 6am: not knowing anymore info about Charles’ mom; dealing with 2 kids that weren’t sure about Mrs. Laura taking them to school. Mrs. Laura did an excellent job by the if you ever need a babysitter at 5:45 am, I’m sure she’d be so happy to hear that I’ve recommended her!

Ready for my Versed
Christy Adkins is my saving grace with these procedures I keep having. She just makes me feel so calm - well - it’s either her or the Versed. But honestly, she is amazing. This time, once I had a little Versed in me, I do remember asking Dr. Cornell what color suspenders he was wearing - twice. I also remember that when it came time to turn onto my side, I giggled to Christy something along the lines of, “now they can see my hiney!”

Still groggy from my colonoscopy, I can overhear Charles on the phone in the hall. It turns out his mom has massive blood clots in her lungs and leg, and is in ICU.

I immediately knew he had to go. Of course he had to go. We would find babysitters and people to help me. Jennie was the first, before he even got the question out of his mouth she was ready to do whatev. Then Melody, of course, Then Jodie. We survived splendidly. I kept it to about 4 meltdowns.

Charles returned on Saturday night, my parents arrived Sunday afternoon, and we left for DC Monday morning.

Poor sick Finn

Are you feeling the frantic chaos in the air?

Tuesday – the big appointment. Dr. Jemsek, end of Cycle #3. Let’s see what bomb we have for those spirochetes now. The trial run of my new antibiotic Cipro went swimmingly. As well as a Ferritin infusion for low iron.

Enter calls from Finley's school - 103* fever.

Stress! Stress!

Back to Dr. Jemsek. He has quite a cocktail cooked up for me. There is  a biosphere – basically a gooey, impenetrable bubble that has helped hide all this junk for 25 years. Dr. Jemsek has found a new combo of meds that can break through the bubble, releasing more of the bacteria so we can kill them all. Something that will make me feel completely awful, but will really throw a hand grenade into those spirochetes and other wily bacteria. Fun times on Oakhurst Drive!
Charles, me and Jen

After our 4 hr appt, I wanted to see this really cool part of downtown that had been hidden to me thus far -  The Shops at 2000 Pennsylvania Ave. I admit, I overdid it a little. The weather, so perfect; the stores that we don’t have in Myrtle Beach all up and down the road, the laughter and chats with a great friend who I hadn’t seen in almost 2 years. It was so good, I didn’t want it to end.

No, No, No! 5 more minutes in Anthropologie! Please.........

It was time to go, I was fading fast, barely able to move. As Charles and Jenn loaded me into the van, I could feel it coming......barreling right down the middle of the road.

Brooke Fox meet Mr. Mack Truck

I had done a lot too much. I knew it the whole time, but just for a few minutes I wanted to feel like I was normal again. I wanted to shop, laugh, chat, do all the things I used to do. I wouldn’t change a moment of my freedom. Although, maybe next time, we should stick to the sidewalk.

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  1. Oh my gosh (I mean goodness) :) I wish I were there to be in the middle of crazy, I don't mind crazy. Let's sit on the bed together and watch The Proposal and eat grapes and cheese, or oatmeal and coffee. Let Finn drive us around on the "car bed". Love you each dearly and thinking about you always.