Friday, March 16, 2012

pain today, gone tomorrow

I’m on a new med. I know, right? Well this med makes me ancy, shaky, you name it, I’ve got the side effect. Naturally, in turn, I am itching to do more. More walking, more laundry, more get the idea, just more. Actually fun for me, and Charles is very appreciative for some help, until the next day when I’m in so much pain I can barely get out of bed. A little exaggeration, but a lot of pain none the less.

So it becomes a vicious cycle. This med is supposed to help with the pain, which it does, but it makes me ancy, which makes me do more, which gives me more...together people...PAIN. So they up the dose and here we go again - ring around the rosy.

What to do - this is the story of every new med, and the list keeps growing.....


  1. hope tomorrow's not a pain day! i'll miss u and finley. only 1 person actually rsvp'ed to my 17th party. everyone wanted to come to the 24th. so i was gonna check and see if y'all had any help tomorrow. but last night we had to take Christian to the ER and i still can't fall asleep (drank coffee at the hospital...i canNOT handle caffeine). he's OK! i had a party and george was going to a concert. my sis in law was babysitting. but christian came home sick from school with 101 fever, stomach pain and coughing. my sis in law has a few years of nursing school under her belt. she called me as i was wrapping up my party and said she thinks i need to get home as soon as i can and take him to the ER for appendix. i called Dell's nurse hotline and they also told me to take him to the ER. so, 10pm-3:30am in ER, not that bad on time for ER but it was so awful for my poor little guy. :( soooo thankful he's ok, just a stomach bug.

    LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  2. well, i hope today is not a pain day too <3 i pray that no day is a pain day <3 i love u sooo much...always in my thoughts and prayers. last night was thinking about all the people i know or know of that have chronic medical conditions and go thru stuff like i did last night on a regular basis. <3