Saturday, March 10, 2012

lighter fare

Don't throw rotten apples at me. I know, I know, I have no excuses. I haven't written in forever. All I have is an apology....and a sad smile....with big puppy dog eyes....a single teardrop about to spill over onto my face.....I mean alright already. If you haven't forgiven me by now, I'm going to have to banish you.

I have quite a lighter fare for you today. After all the feedback from the hamburger meat blog, I've decided to go a bit less.......carnivorous.

Let me introduce to my new best friends, Cari, Sabrina, Scott, Emily, Candice, Genevieve, Drew and Jonathan, Anthony and John, as well as the faceless voice from House Hunters and Int’l. My HGTV family.

Taking that remote, feeling its warm comfort in my hand. I point it toward the TV, wondering what narcotic will HGTV have for me today. Reno, Open Concept, Demo, Style Diagnostic, DIY, BRB, LOL, customize, function, texture, comps, footprints, curb appeal, etc. are all part of my everyday vocab now. It seeps into my being and I just can’t help myself.

I turn into that man/boy that can’t take his eyes off Monday night football. I hear nothing, not even the cries of my sweet girls pulling hair and wrestling over the toy of the moment, while a variety of accents lure me into a semi-lucid state that rises above all else.

HGTV is good when you are grumpy. It is good when you are sad. It is good when you are happy. It’s just all around good, clean fun. I hold my banner high, I am addicted.

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  1. I, too, am totally addicted to HGTV! It’s honestly the first channel I turn to whenever I get a moment to watch a few minutes of TV, and it’s the one channel I watch right before bed... It somehow makes everything feel right in the world. I admit, I’m living vicariously through each person, couple & family as they hunt for houses (here or internationally), buy a property for the first time, get a splash of color, or totally reno a room or two! I get so excited for them (and probably it’s because I hope one day I can do all of these great ideas I have building in my mind!)