Thursday, March 22, 2012

prayers and hand sanitizer

I got that dreaded call from the school today. Robyn had thrown up and was at the nurse’s office. We got her home and, I swear, I am trying my very best to balance caring for her with frantically washing my hands every 2 minutes so as not to catch this bug. I keep imagining my stomach hurts, and there is a very good chance that I will imagine my way right into throwing up. Charles always says it’s half mental. And, of course, he refuses to believe it is a bug. He keeps saying she ate something that made her throw up. All the while, I’m about to puke up my banana with peanut butter because of this stomach bug ripping through our family. Oh yeah, the cat threw up this morning too. Proof.

Second dreaded call of the day. Apparently today’s the day for dreaded calls. This call makes me even more nauseous than the last. It very well takes up the other half of my brain and now I am fully convinced I am going to throw up. Either from the bug or the call, its going to happen. No hand sanitizer will help.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the call was. Ugh. Even writing about it makes me sick. No more insurance coverage for Lyme Disease. Ahhhhhh. Breathe in, Haaaaa. Breathe out. I am so scared. Here is my big opportunity to trust God to take care of us and I am petrified.

The miracle is that they covered me this long. It has been a year. The financial person at Jemsek’s office just cannot even believe that we have been covered at all. She said that it is extremely rare that anyone with our same insurance gets covered. It is truly only by the hand of God that they approved the first eight months, then reviewed it and said yes, and reviewed it again with the same answer. This review, however, God had a different plan. I have yet to understand what that is, but I know He has one. Maybe He is just teaching me to trust Him more.

I am trying to concentrate on all the amazing parts of this year. God has provided money through friends and family, many of you, for all the parts we had to pay for. He has taken care of us in every way from a home health care nurse to home deliveries of all our medications. We have been so very, very blessed.

We are still very blessed, but this means life will change a little. No more nurse. No more deliveries. Our last round of antibiotics would have cost us roughly $4000, so that’s a little scary to think about as we have another round coming up, but I believe God is going to provide. I know in my heart He is. I think even my head knows it. But my stomach? My head is having a really hard time telling my stomach just to settle down and wait on God.

Somewhere between the insurance and the stomach bug.......there’s sure to be some puking around here......even if only the cat. Especially since “Charles It’s All Mental” has now joined the sick brigade. Proof.

For my part, I am going to be talking to God and keeping that hand sanitizer close at hand.


  1. God is bigger than even THIS! Love your faith - it’s inspiring! :)

    1. Brooke, You've lived your whole life living by faith. DON'T STOP NOW! Rich and I have not had insurance for about a year. (We've applied again & we're waiting to hear back.) Last month Rich had blood clots with the expensive shots to the stomach - God still provides (and health care providers have a self-pay rate and even some forgiveness - if you fill out the right forms) Know we are praying for you and Charles and the girls and the cat - well, maybe not the cat. . .