Monday, June 27, 2011


I just discovered that I really, really, really don’t like seizures. I mean they were so enjoyable the first few times, but they are getting kinda old now. At first to pass the time we tried to do crossword puzzles – obviously that didn’t work out so well, sharp object + seizure = no good! Movies seemed like a great idea also, but it became quite challenging as soon as my “strobe effect” kicked in. Oh wait, you don’t know all the cool names yet, do you?

Charles and I are starting to use the time during my seizures to name the different movements. “Strobe effect” is code for my eyelids fluttering super fast. We call the one where I’m whipping my head around “head-banger;” and when it comes to my arms, there is “stirring the pot,” “drum-roll,” “djembe expert” and “Guitar Hero” (one of Charles’ personal favs). We call the one where my legs go crazy, “spinning,” which if you are a gym-ite you will recognize the term as one for a bicycling class.  My favorite “spinning with crunches,” that one is about as enjoyable as plucking my eyes out. There is another gruesome one that is a diabolical combo of biceps, triceps, abs and spinning – “The Myndi Special.” I know those of you who took my Spinervals classes are saying I’m finally getting a taste of my own medicine, and you are right. J

Charles and I have turned our madness into such an incredible idea. Since this seizure activity is so strenuous and burns so many calories – we’ve decided to turn it into an exercise video. It will be called “Seizurcise – Lose weight in only 3 vigorous 60 minute workouts a day! Your very own Lyme infected tick included.” “For only 7 easy payments of $9.99 - You can just lay back in bed and watch the weight fall off. Just attach the enclosed tick to your body, let it suck your blood and then just watch and see what happens.” Fine Print: may cause other symptoms, including, but not limited to, silliness and sarcasm, crazy ideas such as making lists of lists of lists (maybe that is just my OCD) and wonderful ideas like exercise videos that may just change your life. J


  1. I can't quite laugh, but I'm glad you are. Love you

  2. heehee... love the "7 easy payments of $9.99" part! :) The thing is, I know you look absolutely gorgeous even in mid-seizurcise!