Thursday, February 2, 2012

heartbreak hotel


Today I thought my heart would break. I know, I know - such melodrama! I don’t know if the lyme is causing me to overreact or if that is just part of my sunny disposition.

As I watched Charles and the kids drive away without me, I seriously could feel it in my chest. So call it what you may - but to me it felt like heartbreak. Robyn has a gymnastics meet at Clemson this weekend. I cannot go.

Charles and I discussed all the details and decided it was just a perfect storm of events all rolled into a seizure waiting to happen. Which basically means he told me I couldn’t go and I begged like crazy, all along knowing he-was-right. Yes, you heard me, he was right.

I know Robyn wanted me there, but when it was time to go she was more concerned with finding her monkey flip flops (which I may have gotten rid of thinking she’d never notice - oops - I picked the wrong pair!) These were the tears she cried as I said goodbye. Ah, youth!

After we settled the monkey flip flop debacle, I hugged her super tight, gave her a million kisses, told her to just have fun, and let her go. She made me promise not to cry, so I waited till I closed the door.

I can’t wait for those pieces of my heart to be back in the same home with me.


  1. It doesn't get any easier when they're in their 20's!