Friday, February 17, 2012

life is like a bag of cuties

For Valentine’s Day, my sweet husband really wanted to get me a box of head suddenly replays the line from Forrest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates.” I watched The Vow last week. the characters played a game very similar to that line. They had a box of chocolates and they would randomly shove one in each others’ mouth and see if they liked or hated it. It felt exactly like what Forrest Gump says in that all too insightful line, some are good, really, really good; and some are bad, really, really bad.

Oh my, rabbit trail. There aren’t any carrot cake chocolates, are there?

I think this part of my life would be considered one of the really bad chocolates in my life, the one with the goopy, unrecognizable flavor in it. *Bleeeeck!* But maybe the next one will be yummy, or even really, really yummy, mmmmmm, maybe one with a caramel and heath bar middle.....that’s what I am hoping for, but you just don’t know what chocolate God has for you next. Isn’t that kinda exciting?

Now, onto my actual box of chocolates. I can’t have chocolate. That makes that very quintessential Vday tradition obsolete. On Vday, Charles got home from work, walked straight to me, had me close my eyes and hold out my hands. When I opened them I held a very sweet card and a bag of Cuties. If you’ve never had a Cutie, you need to. It is a little smaller and sweeter than a Clementine. And if you’ve never had a Clementine, you’re on your own baby. Back to Cuties from my cutie. In unison *Awwwww*.  They aren’t as good as chocolate, but in my situation, they may as well be.

This Vday, my ever thoughtful husband turned even this bad chocolate into a good one.

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