Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ground beef

Many of you have asked for an update since we have returned from DC. Our visit was quite a quick turnaround. There and back in about 39 hours. Phew! We didn’t waste any time! 

We had a great time of food, games and spirited conversations with our gracious hosts and friends from college, Klon and Tracy and their 3 precious kiddos. 

The following morning we had our appt with Dr. Jemsek. I keep a very detailed journal called a symptom chart. After looking over my symptom chart and listening to our long list of questions, we discussed with him a workable plan. He explained that right now my brain is completely raw, like a big slab of ground beef, and I think that might be a few steps down from my usual mommy brain.

So, this big slab of ground beef is quite, say it together, RAW! No wonder I am having more seizures. I imagine it like that game Operation. Any neurological message that tries to pass thru cannot touch the sides or..... BZZZZZZZ.....seizure. Every time we do a round of antibiotics we are just unloading dump trucks full of of toxins right onto that big, yes I did say big, raw piece of already ground up meat. It doesn’t feel good to say the least.

So, the plan is to give me a little bit more time between rounds of antibiotics to give that big ole brain time to heal some. I know that there were lots of hopes and prayers that I would be done with the IV portion of treatment, but it looks like we are going to be continuing for awhile longer. He wants to come up with a pattern of several similar months.

I have been making some good improvements. I spend about 45% of my time in my chair, rather than 100% of time in bed. Yay! That's a big improvement in my book. I also rarely use my walker around the house. That does mean I’ve had a few falls, but it feels good to have a little more independence.

Today I tried to add in a few more household chores. I took the trash out and I straightened the kitchen. And although that was all I could do before crashing into my chair, for me, that’s progress. 

I’m working hard on getting better. That means lots of sitting, lots of sleeping, and lots of patience. I’m a doing, going, get things done kind of girl, so this has been getting harder and harder as I get to feeling little bits better and better. But God is good, and He is teaching me a lot while I wait.

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  1. Superwoman with a super attitude. Keep going and fighting Brooke!