Wednesday, August 10, 2011

in the trenches


Army crawl.

75 lb pack on my back.

Covered in mud.

Land mines at every turn.

In the trenches.

Stuttering has become the norm.

Names, completely gone.

Words are fleeting.

Spelling tests from elementary school.......did I even take those?

My mind is a whirly, swirly mess.

I cannot write in coherent sentences.

This is all I can do.

Strike 1

I cannot walk.

Actually, I could try.

Bouncing from wall to wall.......lIke a ping-pong ball.

My computer and my Blackberry - completely foreign instruments.

If you get a random text...... ignore it.

Strike 2

My tongue and teeth are turning black.

My knees buckle for no reason.

My muscles twitch.

Sleep. lots of sleep.

Can’t open a bottle of water or childproof meds.

Adult diapers have become a reality.....don’t ask.

Strike 3

Hold up! Don’t call this one yet!!!!!

Vintage Brooke is not a quitter. I will not be this girl!

I am scratching, biting and clawing my way up

one bloody step at a time.

I will not give up.

I will not stop fighting.

I will be standing at the top of those stairs

Clean, well, mind intact, and praising my God for getting me here.


  1. You are a STRONG woman, brooke! I love how you are completely dependent on HIM. That's exactly where He wants you... And boy is He creating an awesome testimony of your life! This world will be blown away when they see & hear Him shining thru you! You are a perfect example of one who allows their life to bring Him glory - at all costs. And I know you've never looked more beautiful :)
    love you.

  2. Oh Brooke, I hate that you are going through all of this, but you truly are a fighter, you always have been. I will ask Charles about seeing what your plans are and when you guys might have time for a visitor. I truly miss you and your creative spirit.

  3. Your faith is beautiful, Brooke. Your glory will outshine all the sorrow. I love you. Pray for you everyday.