Tuesday, August 30, 2011



So this is a Vacay Week!

The plan is that you have three weeks of antibiotics and 1 vacay week.

Well, I haven’t been vacayin’ that much so far!

I usually fly up to DC the Tuesday of my Vacation Week to try out my new med, SOOOOOOO, I have never had a true Vacation. Ummmm.......I don’t know what
dummy, named Brooke, set that up!

Yesterday I actually woke up and didn’t feel like poo! By the afternoon, I had faded back to my old poo self.

But today, ahhhh, today! If all days could be like today! I mean all things
considered, today was great!

I woke up at 9:30 - again, no alarm. Now, in the old days there were no alarms. There were roosters I guess and just plain old sunrise - that’s kinda early. So I guess alarms are better in that respect, but hmmmmm, if there could just be an in-between. What if our days just started when we woke up. Its so much more enjoyable that way. Even being sick, waking up and going to sleep when you feel
like it is pretty awesome.

Oops - you’ll have to excuse my excessive rabbit trailing. I can’t stop. It’s some sort of disease. Now I have two diseases  - rabbit trailing and Lyme Disease. Oh well.

Back to where we were a paragraph ago, I woke up at 9:30 with no alarm. Yum. I stretched and checked all my extremities for pain. No more than usual, a good start. I used my walker and made it to the kitchen. I actually accomplished making a bowl of oatmeal and a cup of coffee and back to bed without spilling! I took all my morning meds, brushed my teeth, and washed my face - I only fell once. Just into the kitchen counter - no biggie. I was so proud of myself. Now comes the hard part. I had to start my IV. But I did it!  By that time, it was time for lunch. I got my grapes, cut some cheese and got back to my bed, again - only 1 fall and no spills. After lunch, I remembered to take all my lunch meds! Surprise! I never remember by myself. Usually Melody of Charles has to make me do it.

You may not think this sounds like a lot, but it is more than I’ve done in ages. I was trembling and weak by the time I finished, but I was so proud that I had done it.
I fell asleep for a nice long nap after that to re-charge, and I was actually not my old poo self when I awoke.

I think I’m getting the hang of this Vacay thing! Now all I need are my big straw hat, my sunglasses, and a glass full of Mepron with a little pink umbrella.


  1. Yeah......improvement....even though it is still worse that the majority of us....still....you made it to the kitchen on your walker....and most incredible started your own IV....tell me you weren't standing up on the edge of the chair like I did when I started your IV...oh, and this is momma....

  2. you.are.amazing. love you!