Friday, August 12, 2011

my angel

She masquerades as a preschool teacher. 

Behind that sweet spirit and raucous laugh

with a little bit of sass for good measure.

In all seriousness and honesty.

She is an Angel.

Ask anyone who knows her.

Not someone who just does good things.

But someone who was born to be an Angel in this life.

Beauty beyond belief.

Generosity overflows her.

Heart beyond heart.

God created her that way.

She is my Angel.

Don’t try and steal her.

God has loaned her to me for right now.

She actually knows what I need before I do.

She cleans up after me without a word.

She bathes me.

She dresses me.

She dries my hair.

She makes me laugh when absolutely no one else can.

She braves me during the grumps.

She does so many things I cannot even explain.

She is my best friend.

I love her.

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