Sunday, August 21, 2011

new update (sorry I can't think of a cool name)

So I guess maybe it is time for a real update.

I am having a bit of trouble typing and remembering words,

so  - 1. I can’t promise this will make much sense

and  - 2. that I will ever finish or even publish it.

If I am being completely honest, this is a fairly miserable deal I’ve gotten myself into.

Those pesky little ticks that I grew up with ........

I’d like to line them all up, like a firing squad deal,

and blow them away with a pressure washer.

Or maybe a hand grenade.

Nope. Forget all that.

Jack Bauer ........ if only he were around 25 years ago.

MacGyver just wouldn’t have quite cut it.

So, I guess we are well past the ticks.

They bit me and we are onto treatment as you know.

A little catch-up if you’ve just joined us.

We just started month three of a 6 to 12+ month treatment.

I have a central line in my chest.

I have a wonderful nurse named Christina who I can call at anytime and she helps me out.

Each month they change the protocol of my drugs.

This month I am taking 3 IV doses of 2 separate antibiotics.

I am also on 4 other oral antibiotics, as well as a conglomeration of about 75 other pills,

most of which I can’t pronounce, but it’s fun to try :o)

They warned me this was going to be the roughest month so far.

They were correct.

I have pretty bad days, with some good pockets mixed in.

I have a walker to get to the bathroom.

I have a wheelchair for if I go out.

My momma is here right now, and what can I say, there is nothing better than that.

I have an amazing husband who works non-stop taking care of the kids, doing my job and his.

He doesn’t get enough credit.

I have my Melody. She is here whenever she isn’t working and she does everything she can to help out.

I am mostly irrational, crying, laughing, sleeping, or medicating, so come by anytime if that sounds like a good time to you. :o)

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  1. oh Brooke! i so wish i could come by and see you... i'd just sit with you and be a part of your day. you wouldn't have to do or say anything. just let me live next to you - on the couch, in the wheelchair, in your bed, it wouldn't matter. i'd hold your hand - or not, if it bothered you. i'd read scripture over you & hand you your 75 pills. and i'd still think you were absolutely beautiful... i'm so thankful you have a wonderful husband & momma & 2 precious girls & a nurse taking care of you!
    love, ea