Monday, January 9, 2012

finn and me

When Finley and I are playing, she has taken to saying certain words with a british accent, especially the word “no.” When we “drive” anywhere, she insists I wear my seatbelt. And she serves us pieces of the nativity (no, I haven’t put my Christmas decos up yet) as our food. For example, when she is asking, “where’s the baby Jesus?” she is really saying, “pass the milk.”

This morning she declared that the name of her baby Patch was now “Carson Carson.” I asked, “her name is Carson Carson?” She was so offended, “no, Carson Carson!” I asked if it was “Carson?” Ugh, finally mom got it, “Yes! Carson Carson!!”

Carson Carson is now going thru some sort of gender difficulties. Sometimes Carson is a she (after all, she is wearing a dress,) and at other times, Carson Carson is referred to as “he.” It is hard to keep up with, but if you use the wrong pronoun, you are in TROUBLE!

Ahhhhhh, motherhood, a joy, and yet a minefield of mysteries.


  1. LOL <3 :) she is too much!

  2. Reminds me of your first day of school. You came home and told us about all the "sinners" in the classroom! After more discussion, I realized you were saying "centers." (a bit of your momma's influence) It does make a mom wonder what her children really think she's saying.