Tuesday, January 31, 2012

genie of the lamp

I saw a counselor yesterday. *Gasp!* Now many of you may be shocked or even ashamed for me that I would admit that. Going to see a counselor is very taboo, much less admitting  to it.

Some of you might think that counseling is only for the truly messed up. The people you know that you would send to an insane institution if you could. The kind of person you would never ask to dog sit, because there is no telling what you would find when you retuned home.

Door #2 - maybe you think that it is acceptable, just maybe, if you have had a major trauma in your life. And even then, you believe that first-class people don’t share even the most difficult of issues with someone outside the family. That would be wholly inappropriate. *Gasp Again!* You should be able to get through this on your own, you’re a big girl.

Another group of people believe that no one should receive counseling because God is the great counselor, and if you are truly a child of His......well you know the rest. *Gasp! Gasp!*

And still yet we find more nay sayers. And this one’s the kicker. Normal people don’t need counseling. Ruminate over that for a few minutes. N O R M A L    P E O P L E don’t need counseling. Hmmmm......well we all want to be part of that group right? The alternative *Gasp! Gasp Again!* being that group over there, the abnormals. EEEWWWWW........ that is simply not an option.

So we sit and judge, all the while needing counseling ourselves. Some more than others. I, the all amazing, ever impressive, mamumba sheemy jumba genie of the lamp, surmise that everyone could benefit from counseling. *GASP! GASP! GASP!*

Now my yoga training gets to stretch it’s proverbial legs. Close your eyes and imagine a place. A place that feels safe and warm. A comfy place, where you can snuggle deep in your big overstuffed armchair, or you can lie in that sun in your hammock, a breeze blowing lightly on your face. And then you just start talking. No one else making a sound. No judgements. No preconceived notions or prejudices. It is just calm and comfy. At times a voice will ask you questions, to clarify or lead you on your way. No expectations. You can just be.

I saw a counselor yesterday. *GASP!* And I hope many of you did too. Believe me, as all powerful genie of the lamp, I know you need to.


  1. HUGS....only the sanest of the "noraml people" consult a therapist/counselor/shrink :) We know we we're screwy.....the rest live with delusions! BIG HUGS.....We can't wait to see you in person and give some real hugs. Love to you and the family.

  2. I'd say counselor PLUS drugs, but I think you're pretty much ahead of the curve on that one (grin)

  3. Define "NORMAL"..... anyone who knows he/she doesn't have all the answers and seeks out someone who can possibly help, is pretty normal to me! (By the way, been there, done that, and am all the better for it)!